Works Progress is Max Greenberg and Dave Burns. Based in the Philadelphia's River Wards, we create furniture with designs and construction techniques that will last for decades. It's our hope that our products will stand out in your space today, age gracefully, and be passed down to future generations.

We met while attending the University of the Arts in Center City, Philadelphia, where Max studied wood working and Dave studied Industrial Design. In the fifteen years since, Max has focused on honing his craft. In this time he's produced beautifully crafted pieces for BDDW, City Joinery in Brooklyn, and Staack Moore in Philadelphia, before launching his own business in which he's produced white labeled pieces for other brands, bars and furniture for some of Philly's hottest new restaurants, and custom furniture and built-ins for clients in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York. Since graduating from UARTS, Dave has applied the industrial design practices to improving business processes and software products for an energy services and SaaS company by day, and studied the concept of "quality" in a range of areas including manufactured goods, education, and community preservation.

With Works Progress, we aim to merge our experience together to produce high quality furniture out of natural materials, which our customers can rely on to last structurally and aesthetically into the next century.